About this Calendar

What gets posted by Salem Quarter?
Meetings and gatherings of the Quarter and its committees Our 4 quarterly gatherings, committee meetings and events in which we have co-sponsorship or a historical interest...
Quaker Studies programs Local courses and workshops; Online courses. Any event with "QS" in the name!

What else to post:
Quaker Events Only
Please post only events which are run by a Quaker meeting or organization and of interest to Friends. We have a reasonably broad definition of Quaker. AVP qualifies. Bikes Not Bombs doesn't (although we like them a lot!)

Events in Salem Quarter (or online) only
You should ask the Yearly Meeting if you want someplace to post Quaker events outside Salem Quarter.

Who can post?
Each Meeting and Quaker Organization in Salem Quarter is invited to name 1 person to post to this calendar. Don't know who to ask? Email the webservant (link at bottom of page!)