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There's lots going on in Salem Quarter that's of interest to Friends and people interested in Friends. The Quarter hopes to help you keep track of it all! This page includes information on:

About the Salem Quarterly Meeting E-mail List

Salem Quarterly Meeting has an active, moderated e-mail list where you will find postings of local meeting events and other announcements of interest to local Friends in addition to Quarterly Meeting events. It is usually referred to as the Salem Quarter List.

What comes through on the list?

Announcements of Salem Quarter meetings and minutes and reports from those meetings. Announcements of events, especially events in Salem Quarter. Items that pertain to the business of Friends, especially Friends in New England, and most especially Friends in Salem Quarter. Items that don't quite fit that description are still probably appropriate if they are of wide interest to Friends in Salem Quarter.

How to Subscribe

Anyone who is interested may join the list. Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/neym-salem-quarter and click on "Join This Group".
Or just send a blank e-mail to neym-salem-quarter-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

How to Post to the List:

Just send an e-mail to neym-salem-quarter@yahoogroups.com . Messages are usually approved within an hour or two, and almost always within 24 hours. If it's been longer than that, please send e-mail to the moderator at neym-salem-quarter-owner@yahoogroups.com and inquire. If your message was rejected, you'll receive an e-mail that explains why. If you disagree, simply repost the message and it will be approved the second time. If you'd like to discuss it, please feel free to e-mail the moderator.

Why is the list moderated?

The list is moderated because the purpose of the list is fairly narrow -- announcements to Salem Quarterly Meeting -- and it would be easy for it to drift off topic if it were not moderated. Folks who sign up for this list expect a list with comparatively little traffic, and even less noise, and this is the best way to achieve that.