Grant Application and Description of Funds

There are five funds under the care of the Quarterly Meeting. Three of these funds have been combined because of their small sizes and common purposes.

The principal of each of these funds has been invested in the Pooled Funds of the New England Yearly Meeting, which is under the care of the NEYM Board of Managers. The realized income from these funds is placed in the Quarterly Meeting's bank account for its use.

The application process for general funds is described below. The distribution criteria for earmarked funds are described as part of the fund description.

To request a Grant

Friends Meetings and individuals attending Friends meetings are welcome to submit requests for grants from the Salem Quarterly Meeting Funds. Previous grants have been given: as seed money to help start new social concerns projects, to help fund outreach projects for Friends Meetings, to aid Friends traveling to other Yearly Meetings or Friends' conferences. Grants range from $50 to $1000. When requests exceed funds preference is given to members of Salem Quarterly Meeting.

New Funds Policy

Approved at 10/27/13 Salem Quarterly Meeting
 Revised Guidelines for grants from Salem Quarterly Meeting
During the 3 year period, April 2014 – April 2017, the following new guidelines for assessing grant applications will be used by the Salem Quarter Funds Committee in evaluating proposals which qualify for funding from Moses Paige fund income and Salem Quarter fund income. The funds committee plans to review these guidelines between October 2016 and April 2017, including comparing them to the process these guidelines replace. In April 2017 the committee should recommend whether to continue with these guidelines or recommend changes.
Purpose of these funds.

"To nurture and encourage a vital spiritual condition in the Society of Friends, especially through sharing and deepening our Quaker Faith." (from the 1974 minute establishing the Moses Paige Fund)

In order to nurture and encourage a vital spiritual condition we are looking for proposals which...
  • Encourage outreach (and inreach) in individual Meetings of Salem Quarter, so we know who we are and we share the gift of our faith with the world. Inreach involves getting to know each other better, especially in all things spiritual. Outreach includes publicity, public programs that bring people to the meeting and participation in community events. A well documented proposal will describe the program or action, including dates, and include projected costs and anticipated funding sources.
  • Encourage the corporate leadings of our Meetings, of committees within our Meetings and of working groups made up of individuals who come together from multiple meetings. We are especially interested in those proposals which involve interaction among Meetings and individuals in the Salem Quarter community.These should go beyond the regular committee work of the Meeting. New initiatives are encouraged. A well documented proposal will include a letter from the Meeting or Meetings describing the relationship of the leading to the Meeting(s). Such a proposal will also include projected costs and anticipated funding sources.
  • Encourage individual leadings and ministries which are grounded in and provide spiritual nourishment for our Meetings. A well documented proposal will include information about how the leading has been tested from the applicant's spiritual community (Meeting, YAFs.) This could be a travel minute or report from a clearness committee. It will also indicate how the individual and the community intend to be spiritually and practically accountable to each other, whether through a standing committee or some other means. Such a proposal will also describe the travels or activities the individual is led to, including time span, costs and any other funding sources. The committee will weigh the ability of the community to financially support travel and ministries in considering size of grants.
These three funding areas are listed in the order of priority for grant-making by the committee.
Approved at 10/27/13 Salem Quarterly Meeting page 2 of 2 Proposals seeking funds for the following purposes will not be considered by the committee.
  • - No use or disbursement of the capital fund or any part of it is to be made except by action of the Quarterly Meeting as a whole. Recommendations as to the distribution of the fund income will be made by the Funds Committee and approved by the Quarterly Meeting.
  • - Proposals to support the operating budget of any organization or institution which is not a program of Salem Quarter will not be considered.
  • - Proposals to repay individuals or organizations for expenses already incurred will not be considered. Grants to make up deficits will not be considered.

The following descriptions of the Moses Paige and Salem Quarter Funds are retained as corporate memory. They do not reflect current grant making practice.

Moses Paige Fund (55%)

In the early 1970s Salem Quarter was given a substantial bequest. The following guidelines for the use of the income from this fund were set by the Salem Quarterly Meeting Board (Minute 74-13) and have been reaffirmed on several occasions since then. Current interpretation of (1) is that individuals following leadings (supported and watched over by their meetings) are suitable applicants. Individuals whose leadings involve work with those who are confined, suffering or in need are especially encouraged to apply.

"(1) To nurture and implement concerns for care and ministry to the suffering, to those who are confined (through ill health or for other reasons) and to those in need for whom a strong sense of special commitment of resources is felt following the leadings of the Spirit. We look especially toward encouraging programs which have not yet become established or which lack other sources of continuing support. This has been described as an offer of "seed money" without implying either that matching funds must be raised or that renewal or continuation of funding is automatic."
"(2) To nurture and encourage a vital spiritual condition in the Society of Friends, especially through sharing and deepening our Quaker Faith."
"It is our understanding, finally that the funds at our disposal, being limited, will not be used where other sources of regular support for carrying forward Friends actions exist. None should look to this income to "make up" deficits, which may occur in the budgets for expenditures intended for routine use by local Meetings or other Friends groups. In short our aim and hope is to advance the spiritual life and the concerns of the Society of Friends in imaginative and innovative ways rather than to merely supply the wherewithal for its routine maintenance."

Salem Quarter Fund (33%)

A second part of the bequest which led to the Moses Paige Fund was a small plot of land on the Island of Nantucket. In 1995 Salem Quarter sold the land and used the net proceeds to establish a second fund (Minute 95-16).

"Friends approved retaining this money and putting it into an account "to be set up ... to be administered by the Moses Paige Fund Distribution Committee" (now referred to as the Quarter Funds Committee)."

Establishing a second fund without the restrictions placed on the Moses Paige Fund was a deliberate decision of the Quarter. This was done so that some on-going programs of the Quarter could be supported by the Quarter (e.g. Quaker Studies Program.)
This fund also provides grants to individual Friends working under a leading recognized, supported and watched over by their meetings, and to Friends organizations for special projects.

Buffum Breed Boyce Funds(12%)

Care of these funds was transferred from the Yearly Meeting to the Quarterly Meeting in 1996. While the principal has been in the Pooled Funds for many years, the income had been accumulating. The Quarterly Meeting decided on receiving this money not to reinvest the accumulated interest, but to keep it for future use. (The accumulated fund has since been disbursed and current distributions are from current income.)

As noted below, BBB fund income is used for Friends in need and for "religious purposes" which we interpret as inreach and outreach. At the April 1997 meeting Salem QM approved the following minute concerning distributions for Friends in need:

"That Salem Quarter allow disbursement of moneys from the Breed-Boyce-Buffum funds at the discretion of the Clerk and Treasurer, following on a proper request from a Monthly Meeting's Ministry and Counsel or the relevant Monthly Meeting Committee, with said disbursement to be kept confidential."

To fulfill the charge of using some of the income for "Religious and charitable purposes" the Funds committee discerns which grants and programs of the Quarter qualify for funding from this portion (about half) of the BBB income.

The following was gleaned by Finley Perry, Brian Drayton, and Fritz Weiss from the few available documents regarding these funds.

Sarah Buffum Fund (2.6%) -- Sarah Buffum Fund died around 1845 leaving money to the Salem Meeting to be held as a fund, the income of which shall be distributed annually among the most needy of said Preparative Meeting.
Nathan Breed Fund (3.3%) -- No official instrument indicating the purpose or uses of this fund was found. But such records as Lynn Meeting had show it was used for aid to poor Friends. Apparently Lynn Meeting considered its purpose to be the same as the Sarah Buffum fund and lumped the income received for the two funds together.
Julia Ann Boyce Fund (6.5%) - There is a will for Julia Boyce on file in Salem, but it does not refer to this fund, which according to Lynn Meeting records is for religious and charitable purposes.

And now a little background -

At the time of the 1845 separation of New England Yearly Meeting, Lynn Meeting (and Salem Quarter) was a part of the "larger body" or branch which eventually became part of Friends United Meeting. Almost until it was laid down the Lynn Meeting had a pastor. Given that, the term "religious purposes" has been interpreted by the Funds Committee to mean, "Christian Education, or to help a meeting directly in its ministry to members, or to aid outreach."